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Here are some of picture highlights of my trip to Bermuda:

A picture of Bermuda taken on the Norwegian Dawn while docked at King's Warf:

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Here a few pics from my trip to Boston from this weekend.

These two pics are from the JFK Museum and Library:

This is a vote for JFK sticker. They gave it to everyone to wear to show that they paid admission into the museum. I liked this sticker so much and didn't want to risk losing it so I put it on my cell phone holder.

This is a picture of Boston Harbor from the JFK Museum and LIbrary Promanade Deck. It was rainign really hard that day.

Last and not least is a picture from the MIT Science Museum.

This is a picture of Kismet the robot.
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These pics are from an email that one of my friends sent me.

Outside of a bathroom, of a public toliet in Houston:

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Here are a couple of picture froms the get together with people from work:

This picture was taken at Olive Garden

These were taken at Bryant Park:

On the subway ride home:
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Here are a few pics from 1994, when we were having our annual band picnic at FDR Park. This was one of my favorite band activities becuase we got to hang out with each other, do whatever we wanted and ate pretty much whatever we want. I miss those picnics. :)


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