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I have just decided to do a general unscreening of all comments.

Since I have most of my posts friends locked and I have a select few entries open to everyone, what would of been the point of screening non-friends comments?

I will still screen comments on a few selcted entries for various reasons but for now all comments will be unscreened.

I just realized that I had non-friends commnets screened for my Friend Frenzy post, which really dind't make any sense becuase I want non-friends to be able to comment to it.

If you missed my Friend Frenzy post and want to meet new people, please click on this post:

Also feel free to tell others about this. :)
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A lot of people are doing this and I think it is a great idea. A way for my friends to meet others and I can meet some of their friends.

So, post a little bit about your self and make friends. :)

If your not a friend of mine (yet) please also put in your comment who sent you. I love seeing who our mutual friends are. :)

Have fun!!! :)

oops!! Before I forget let me say a little bit about myself.

My name is Deborah and I am 33 years old from Queens, NY. I work at the library helping people to use computers.

A few of my interests are: traveling, blogging, reading, movies, Harry Potter, knitting, needlepoint, House MD.

Edit: I just unscreeened all comments, sorry about that didn't realize it until I saw them this morning.


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